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The slow cow dung fire makes the ghee retain essential nutrients and fatty acids the vilona bilona method makes healthy fats in the ghee that reduce bad cholestrol and increase good cholestrol. Using [murungai keerai adding
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Moringa leaves is a source of iron, vitamins which has lot of health benefits. It acts as antioxidant, protect from various issues such as control blood sugar level, cholesterol and helps to detox. It can be taken in various methods like tablets, juice, powder, soup, sidedish etc. there is many sayings/ proverb using these leaves which helps people who lacks iron and nutritious, minerals. Moringa leaves extract is one of the fastest moving product in the market. Each part of the plant support human body system so plant a tree is must needed and useful. Generally, Moringa leaves is good for both pre and post pregnancy period like improves blood circulation, iron content, boost immune system, increase the breast milk level and strengthen bone. My opinion is having Moringa leaves weekly thrice will makes you strong and healthyI posted variety of dishes using moringa leaves and this recipe is simple with lots of health benefits. This recipe won’t take much time and healthy for your kids and baby.
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